An Imaginative Ballet Class at Home

Dance educator releases an original DVD that introduces little dancers to the fun of ballet class right in their own home.


November 11, 2011 – Los Angeles, CA

Liz Vacco’s popular ballet class for kids can now be experienced right at home! Liz is an early childhood educator who taught ballet, yoga and theater for over nine years in New York City and is now offering classes in LA. “For years parents have been asking me to put my dance classes on a DVD because their children want to practice every day,” Liz says. So she decided to draw from her experience as a trained actor, as well as a dancer and teacher, to create Petite Feet.

Petite Feet is a 26-minute DVD that uses engaging and imaginative exercises, games and stories to introduce children to basic ballet positions and vocabulary, as well as general dance and musical concepts. Focusing on the creative potential of dance and its storytelling possibilities, Petite Feet encourages children between the ages of 2-5 to learn fundamental and age-appropriate ballet steps, to build confidence and coordination, and, of course, to have fun. The DVD incorporates activities, grounded in Laban Movement Analysis, that playfully connect movement education to everyday learning. It offers a gender neutral ballet experience that, like Liz’s classes, is enjoyed by girls and boys alike. Featuring original music by Doran Danoff and a colorful set, along with the Story of the Dancing Dolls (written by Liz) and some help from Waldo the Walrus, Petite Feet offers an active alternative to the DVDs in any child’s collection as well as to the programs on children’s television. It is the perfect option for a rainy day, but, as many mom bloggers, dance and early childhood educators can attest to, it may be requested on sunny days too. Here are some of their comments:

“Not only does my 3-year-old enjoy this video, it is quite possibly her favorite thing EVER. I don’t feel so bad about the (usually prohibited) hours of video watching because she is moving the whole time, completely engaged. It is designed so well with so much room for imagination – [my daughter] doesn’t just follow the instructions, she keeps making up her own parts. And she is really learning all the ballet vocabulary (words and movements). It’s a BRILLIANT video – one of the very best videos for kids I’ve seen, educational or otherwise.” – Ariana Smart Truman, mother to George

“It’s a totally relaxed approach to ballet with heavy emphasis on storytelling and imagination — making it a great introduction for little ones.” – Nicole Caccavo Kear, Creator of A Mom Amok,

“Liz deploys her theatrical background to present stories, enact original songs, and engage little imaginations…with clarity and charm. The colorful, cutout scenery, along with Waldo the Walrus, bring to mind the deliciously bizarre children’s television series, Yo Gabba Gabba.” – Nichelle Strzepek, Dance Educator and Creator of Dance Advantage,

“I have had an opportunity to watch Liz teach ballet in person and she has a way of making all the beginning introductions to ballet developmentally fun and comfortable for children. Liz knows how to integrate storytelling, dance and music in a very accessible and engaging way for all children.” – Marsha Greenberg, LCSW and Faculty at NYU’s Early Childhood Special Education Department

Liz received her B.A. in Theatre Studies from Yale University, where she was an active member and Co-President of Yaledancers and from which she graduated Cum Laude with Distinction. Since then, she has taught through the New York City Ballet’s Education Program, at Discovery Programs on the Upper West Side of NYC, through the California Dance Institute and at various other studios and public schools, while also performing in and choreographing for professional productions. She is a strong believer in arts education and in promoting physical well-being and opportunities for artistic expression to people of all backgrounds. She can currently be found teaching ballet, creative movement and yoga to both children and adults throughout Los Angeles and on occasional trips to New York City. For more information, email Liz Vacco at or call (646) 526-4523. To view a trailer and to see more testimonials, as well as Liz’s teaching schedule, please visit Liz is available for interviews and is happy to arrange an observation of her classes as well.