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As a special educator for very young children, I do not recommend many videos for kids – especially those under the age of 5. As a mother of toddler twins, I’m still not big on videos. This is the exception.

As a teacher, I’m amazed at how Liz is able to construct a dance lesson that is so developmentally appropriate for even my two-year-olds. The gross motor skills of dance are paired beautifully with simple songs that aid in remembering the steps of the lesson. But what I love the most, as both teacher and mother, is the sheer creativity in which she goes through stretches and the introduction of some of the basic ballet moves. Incredibly imaginative and engaging!

As a mom, I sit and smile at my daughter and son as they go through all the movements, answer Liz as she asks questions or gives other ‘interactive’ prompts, and generally have a fabulous time getting up and moving. We’ve tried some dance classes for tots locally, and even being in an actual class with other kids has not been as positive an experience as this video has! I wish, wish, wish we lived near to Liz to take her actual classes, but this video is a great substitute…and we hope to see more very soon!

Kristene Geering M.A. (ECSE), mother to twins Arthur and Nikita

My three year old twins love dancing with Liz, whether it’s in the dance studio or at home with the DVD (where their four year old brother can join in too). I love that they are learning the basic ballet positions and steps while also engaging their imaginations.

Actress Diane Farr mother to Beckett, Coco and Sawyer

Not only does my 3-year-old enjoy this video, it is quite possibly her favorite thing EVER. In the first two days of having it she pleaded to watch it over and over – and I succumbed (7 times in fact) because she was having such a blast and getting so much exercise!

I don’t feel so bad about the (usually prohibited) hours of video watching because she is moving the whole time, completely engaged. It is designed so well with simple exercises, memorable songs and captivating stories, there is so much room for imagination – she doesn’t just follow the instructions, she keeps making up her own parts. She got all her dolls out for the magic doll dust, she plays the piano with Waldo, she made a meadow of blankets to dance on….And she is really learning all the ballet vocabulary (words and movements).

It’s a BRILLIANT video – one of the very best videos for kids I’ve seen, educational or otherwise.

Ariana Smart Truman mother to George

Liz Vacco’s Petite Feet DVD is a wonderful gift if you have an aspiring ballerina in your house!  My four-year-old daughter, Helena, just started ballet class and she loves watching this DVD and practicing all her steps and also escaping into Vacco’s creative, imaginative, and playful world. As a mom, I really loved that the DVD was enforcing the lessons she learned in her ballet class and using the proper language for the movements, but more importantly, the DVD allows the child to escape into a playful, imaginative world while learning to love dance. My one-year-old daughter also loves to watch her sister and mimic all the movements on the DVD. Excellent gift to give if you know a little girl or boy just beginning to love dance.

Sarah Samson mother to Helena and Olivia

I hope you’ll make some more ballet DVDs because, from what I can tell, there’s nothing like that out there. The other ballet DVDs I’ve found are not playful enough or too fast for 2-3 year olds.

Karoline H. mother to Dalia

My grandchildren absolutely love this video! And it is fun for adults to do with them as well as their practicing by themselves. It teaches them basic vocabulary and techniques in a fun, fun way! As a dancer myself I was totally impressed with the quality. More videos by Petite Feet, please!!!

Connie Nelson actress, dancer, mother and grandmother

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About Liz Vacco

Since receiving her B.A. in Theatre Studies from Yale, Liz has been a dance, yoga, theater and early childhood educator in New York City and now in Los Angeles. She has taught through the New York City Ballet’s Education Program, as well as at various studios and public schools, while also performing in and choreographing for professional productions.  She has always been a dancer who acts and an actor who dances, and she draws from both of these disciplines in her teaching and performance.  Liz has multiple subject and kinesiology teaching credentials as well as her MA in Education.  In addition to Petite Feet, she works as the Director of Dance Education at Gabriella Charter Schools, public charter schools based in LA where all students dance daily.

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