In Petite Feet classes, students build dance skills, think critically, and stay active and imaginative!  Petite Feet dance classes introduce dance technique and terminology in fun and creative ways, while also making connections between movement education and everyday learning.  Storytelling, original and familiar songs, and imaginative games are incorporated and an emphasis is placed on promoting self-esteem and self-expression while building dance skills.  


EARLY SPRING 2021 – On Zoom

There are two options for participating in the Petite Feet Early Spring 2021 session.  You can sign up for the full session for $140 or weekly for $25 per week.  In both cases, you will receive Zoom links for all classes offered each week as well as recordings of the classes at the end of each week.  The schedule is below and all class times are in Pacific Time.  If you are new to Petite Feet, please email to arrange a free sample class.

Registration is open.

WEDNESDAYS with Liz – March 3 – April 21
No class Wednesday, March 31
4:30-5:15pm – Petite Feet Ballet/Creative Movement – 4-6 year olds 


THURSDAYS with Bryanna – March 4 – April 22
No class Thursday, April 1
3:45-4:30pm – Petite Feet Ballet/Tap – 3-5 year olds 
4:45 – 5:40pm – Hip Hop – 6-9 year old


SATURDAYS with Liz – March 6 – April 24
No class Saturday, April 3
9am-9:45am – Intro to Ballet/Tap – 2-4 year olds
10am-10:45am – Petite Feet Ballet/Tap – 4-5 year olds
10:50-11:45am – Ballet Basics – 5-7 year olds

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Intro and Petite Feet Ballet/Tap/Creative Movement classes focus on self expression and creativity through dance, while incorporating age appropriate genre specific steps, combinations and exercises. Activities that develop motor skills and explore the elements of dance are part of the class experience, as well as stories drawn from the classical ballet canon and from other sources. (For tap classes, students spend the majority of class in ballet shoes and then put on tap shoes for the final 10-15 minutes of class.)

The Ballet Basics class expands upon the foundation built in Petite Feet classes, exploring dance elements and storytelling in more complex ways and through the integration of more challenging (though still age appropriate) ballet technique.

The Modern/Ballet classes expand upon the foundation built in the Ballet Basics class. Students will explore dance elements from both ballet and modern dance. Ballet technique will be further developed and students will also have opportunities to enjoy the freedom of expression emphasized in the modern dance tradition.

Hip Hop classes are high energy and upbeat, filled with funky rhythms and bold movements.  This class works to develop musicality, confidence, beginner grooves and isolations, and the breakdancing basics needed to learn fun hip hop combinations to age appropriate popular music.


Petite Feet Dance is a vendor with Inspire Charter Schools and ILEAD Exploration Home Study Programs.


My son and daughter really look forward to your class every Tuesday. That’s how they count the days of the week.

Kari Morales mother to Amalia and Ezekiel

For four years, Liz Vacco provided my son with a warm, encouraging environment with all the tools and the foundation for him to have entered a pre-professional program at the School of American Ballet.

Nicole Leibman mother to Philip

We had the pleasure of having Liz as our daughter’s first ballet teacher. Briana adores her classes and always comes out smiling and twirling. Liz understands children and teaches with grace, ease and magic. We will always be thankful to Liz for having been such a wonderful inspiration for Briana.

Dana Szarf mother to Briana

Penelope started taking ballet classes with Liz when she was two. Now, as a five year old, she carries herself like a little ballerina! We credit Liz with instilling in Penelope a love of dance and performance as well as a sense of confidence in her movements.

Mew Chiu mother to Penelope

As a ballet teacher and mother of two boys who took ballet with Liz, I can say that she is one of the most talented teachers I have ever come across for this age group. My boys loved her class. She is creative and knowledgeable and creates the perfect atmosphere of seriousness–so they are actually learning ballet technique, and fun–so their inherent love of movement is nurtured, not stifled. Liz Vacco is a treasure! I am so excited to have the opportunity to have her class on DVD, so my children can experience her terrific class whenever we want!

Kim Kittay mother to Micah and Asa

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  1. Davida Williams, dancer

    August 19, 2013 • 5:30 pm

    I think that this is one of the most innovative, fun and fresh dance videos for children that I have seen in a long time! I love her approach…it is kind, thoughtful, motivating, engaging and delightful. Her dance and story-telling were considerate for the ages of her audience and they had FUN doing it. I LOVE this DVD. Keep up the good work and let’s see MORE!!!

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About Liz Vacco

Since receiving her B.A. in Theatre Studies from Yale, Liz has been a dance, yoga, theater and early childhood educator in New York City and now in Los Angeles. She has taught through the New York City Ballet’s Education Program, as well as at various studios and public schools, while also performing in and choreographing for professional productions.  She has always been a dancer who acts and an actor who dances, and she draws from both of these disciplines in her teaching and performance.  Liz has multiple subject and kinesiology teaching credentials as well as her MA in Education.  In addition to Petite Feet, she works as the Director of Dance Education at Gabriella Charter Schools, public charter schools based in LA where all students dance daily.

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