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We've tried some dance classes for tots locally, and even being in an actual class with other kids has not been as positive an experience as this video has! I wish, wish, wish we lived near to Liz to take her actual classes, but this video is a great substitute...and we hope to see more very soon!”

Kristene Geering M.A. (ECSE) and mother to twins Arthur and Nikita


About Liz Vacco

Since receiving her B.A. in Theatre Studies from Yale, Liz has been a dance, yoga, theater and early childhood educator in New York City and now in Los Angeles. She has taught through the New York City Ballet’s Education Program, as well as at various studios and public schools, while also performing in and choreographing for professional productions. She has always been a dancer who acts and an actor who dances, and she draws from both of these disciplines in her teaching and performance. Liz is currently pursuing her multiple subject and kinesiology credentials and her MA in Educational Foundations at Cal State LA. She is the Dance Education Coordinator at Gabriella Charter School, a public charter school where all students have an hour of dance a day.

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